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Premiere: Soleima - "My Boi"

FKA Twigs meets Mø.

Soleima’s new video “My Boi” is just a headshot of a pretty blonde under a liquify filter, but honestly the whole thing is giving me a serious lady boner. The creepy-cute mixture of her doe eyes, blank expression, and dainty tooth gap surrounded by glossed lips captivates you throughout the entire video despite it’s perfect monotony. Add the fact that the track itself is seriously addictive, with hauntingly youthful vocals juxtaposed with a pop tune that’s equal parts retro and right now, and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Sarah Mariegaard (aka Soleima) used to run with an entirely different musical species, as the only female in the Danish hip hop group Flødeklinikken, but has been doing her own thing since April 2015 to much critical acclaim both in Denmark and internationally. Inspired by everything from 60s pop to early 00s RnB and hip hop with a distinctly 90s kid perspective, Soleima is starting out with a sound that’s FKA Twigs meets Mø in the best possible sense.

She's currently working on material for her debut EP which will be out in Autumn.