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Weekly Drop: The Week Kanye West Debuted More Material From Yeezus

Despite no CDQ material having aired, hype for Kanye West's sixth solo record is reaching boiling point.

Despite no CDQ material having aired, hype for Kanye West’s sixth solo record is reaching boiling point. The man is a marketing genius. He's deleted all his tweets, so every time he tweets in the future, people will make a news story out of it. He also decided to project his face on to buildings across the world, which is the most egotistically brilliant thing to happen to music since the last time he released a record. With less than a week till Yeezus is released, #YeezySeason is in full effect. Last night ‘Ye played at the Governors Ball, premiering two new songs, “On Site” and “I Am A God”. The latter features the impressive lyrical duplex “In a French ass restaurant, hurry up with my damn croissants”.


DJ Khaled - "No New Friends"

DJ "I scream my own name on a regular basis" Khaled has decided to bless us with his holy presence again and this time it’s Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne providing us with lyrical matter. The new video, which was directed by Collin Tilley, time warps to ’96, a time when phones still had to plug into things and jumpsuits came with epilepsy warnings. “No New Friends” appears off the upcoming album Suffering From Success. And yes, this video comes with champagne spilling and currency chucking as standard.

Toy and Natasha Khan - "The Bride"

In a move analysts are suggesting might be the indiest thing to ever happen, Natasha Khan from Bat For Lashes has teamed up with London psych rockers TOY for a cover of the Iranian musician Amir Rassaei song Aroos Khanom. The result is a flurry of time signatures and unusual lyrics that put both artists on uncomfortable terrain. It all comes together quite well, with Khan breathing new life into a song most Western ears would have been otherwise unlikely to hear.

Mac Miller and Jay Electronica - "Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes"

Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off is released on June 18, facing stiff competition from hip-hop heavyweight Kanye West and welterweight J. Cole. Luckily, Mac has pulled out a trump card in the form of enigmatic rapper Jay Electronica, a feature that has the majority of the rap world gasping in shock and reeling in jealousy all in one. The track, which premiered on DJ Semtex’s 1Xtra show on Friday afternoon is more than worthy of multiple rotations.

XXYYXX - "Paying Attention"

In what is being tagged as the first tidbit of noise to be taken from his second album, XXYYXX delivers “Paying Attention”; a minimal dose of spaced out electronica from the young Florida native. It’s plucked from the same fruity, sugary vine that FlyLo operates from on a regular basis and features samples of this David Lynch speech.