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New music

Eli & Fur: “Nightmares”

The track from Eli & Fur makes me want to drown myself in tequila and hypnotic electronica.

I’m not normally interested in music like this because it makes me feel as though my insides are tearing themselves out and threatening to throw up on a pavement outside of a club that I really hate. But, there’s something about the new track from Eli & Fur that makes me want to spend all weekend buying shots for people whose names I don’t remember, despite seeing them frequenting the same dusk till dawn venues for the past year.


The duo are just about to set out on a mini tour, playing both Motion (Bristol) and XOYO (London) on the 12th and 13th April, respectively. Take a listen to “Nightmares” below.

"Nightmares" is released officially on 6th May via NYX Records