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Holy Shit

Just in Time for Your Morning Cry, Majical Cloudz Return with "Silver Car Crash"

The Montreal duo's sophomore record 'Are You Alone?' is out October 16 on Matador.

Photo by Sarah O'Driscoll

We've waited, and now they're back. Majical Cloudz returns with their sophomore album Are You Alone? out October 16 via Matador Records (oh yeah they signed to Matador!). In addition to the record announcement, the Montreal duo also released a new track titled "Silver Car Crash." It's what we've come to expect from the group—a weighty, pained track mostly reliant on Deveon Welsh's voice with minimal instrumentation. Remember everyone, life is hell, pain is real, and sometimes it feels good to just embrace your anxiety and feel like shit. Happy Wednesday! Listen to the track below, and watch our episode of Noisey Meets with Majical Cloudz right here.