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Holy Shit

Guess What? Patti Smith's Memoir 'Just Kids' is Being Made into a TV Series for Showtime

Cue up the DVR because this is going to rock.

Now that everyone has read and told someone else to read Patti Smith's best-selling memoir Just Kids, it's time to bring it to the silver screen. So start deleting all those old episodes of Game of Thrones (c'mon, you saw what happened to Jon Snow) and cue up for teenagers causing punk rock hell in 1960s NYC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has just greenlit a limited series TV show adaptation of the rock and roll poetess' coming of age. There were rumors of a feature film, but Smith herself had this to say about her preference for a television remake:


"A limited series on Showtime will allow us to explore the characters more deeply, enabling us to develop stories beyond the book and allow a measure of unorthodox presentation. The medium of a television limited series offers narrative freedom and a chance to expand upon the themes of the book."

The series will be co-written by Smith and and co-produced by Showtime's own John Logan, creator of the series Penny Dreadful. Smith's follow up memoir, M Train, comes out October 6 from Knopf.