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The Cribs Plus Some Swimming Pigs Equals the Video For "Burning for No One"

The Wakefield trio head to Pig Island in the Bahamas cos why not?

When we heard The Cribs had flown to the Bahamas to shoot the video for "Burning for No One" we were extremely concerned about their pale Wakefield skin. How would the Jarman brothers fair in under the harsh tropical sun? By continuing to wear t-shirts and jeans even on the beach. Even when pretending a bunch of boulders were a drumkit. Even when shimmying up a coconut tree. Even when hanging out with a small family of pigs. Yup. The Jarman brothers flew to Pig Island—where cute little piggies run free and wild. It was just the boys and the director Andy Knowles (who most recently directed Hot Chip's new video for "Huarache Lights"), and a bunch of feral swimming pigs.


"We had to survive a bomb threat towards our plane, no sleep at all, and then due to the East Coast blizzard we ended up literally stranded there," explained the Jarmans. "But the pigs were cute of course, and there's no way you can take things too seriously when surrounded by those guys. So… success!”

Director Andy Knowles added: "You know when you have one of those ideas where you think, 'Oh my God that would be brilliant,' but then you think it's too ridiculous? Well this was one of those ideas. I just forgot how much The Cribs love pigs."

"Burning for No One" is the first proper single taken from their forthcoming sixth album, For All My Sisters, out March 23 via Sonic Blew / Sony Read. It was recorded with Rick Ocasek (yes, RICK OCASEK OF THE CARS) at New York's Magic Shop Studio and we can tell you, because we've already heard the whole album, that it's killer. Check out the video above and a bunch of exclusive behind the scenes shots below.

P.S. Please play close attention to the moment the mother pig boots the baby pig in the air. Too good.

This plane doesn't look terrifying at all.

the cribs burning for no one

All photos by Nick Scott.

the cribs burning for no one pig island

Just some swimming feral pigs. No biggie.

burning for  no one the cribs

"Try not to think about Buddy Holly, try not to think about Buddy Holly…"