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PREMIERE: Watch POND's New Weird Video for "Man It Feels Like Space Again"

POND have put together a brand new trippy video for their 8-minute long title track off of their upcoming record.

Man, how sweet was 2012 for psych-rock? We were given Tame Impala's Lonerism, a new Brian Jonestown Massacre record, the only Goat album that matters, Melody's Echo Chamber's self-titled, and we were introduced to POND—a band most notably filled with members of Tame Impala. I discovered POND through a friend who sent me the video for "Moth Wings," which features a mouth singing in the placement of a dude's bellybutton. I promise you it is not gross.


Anyway, POND is coming out with a new album on January 27 titled Man It Feels Like Space Again. Living up to video expectations, the band have put together a new trippy video for the eight minute long title track. Look, I've never done any psychedelic drugs (what a loser!) but I imagine that this is what it's like:

And this:

If you're into that, then watch the entire video below completely sober (or not, whatever, this is my life homie you decide yours):