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One Directioners Are Pissed at Obama for Not Including “Drag Me Down” on His Summer Playlist

He always did seem like more of a Belieber.

Today, America’s most prominent musical tastemaker, President Barack Obama, tweeted out his long-awaited summer playlists. DJ Barry O's selections were good, albeit safe tracks you might expect to find on the iPod of a 54 year old dad. Some Coltrane, some Dylan. There was some Florence + the Machine to remind you that he’s hip, and some Coldplay to remind you that he is also not hop. But there was one hit song curiously missing. And the nation demands to know:


Mr. President, just where in the fuck is One Direction’s “Drag Me Down”????

The One Directioners of the internet took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with President of the free world for this glaring omission of the new song by the boy band they like (2015 is a weird time to be alive, man).

@POTUS where's the one direction at man???

— ayanna ❂ (@_majesticstyles) August 14, 2015

@POTUS how come drag me down by one direction isn't on there (;

— mallika (@lovelovelouve) August 14, 2015

@POTUS where is Drag Me Down by 1d? cmon mr president

— rachel (@RACHELOMBOK) August 14, 2015

@POTUS add Drag Me Down by One Direction onto that playlist

— gigi (@fiireflies) August 14, 2015

@POTUS surely drag me down shoudnt have missed

— George 'Sagna' Maina (@Spokks) August 14, 2015

@POTUS make me a back to school playlist with drag me down in it

— suad 4 (@spacescaptain) August 14, 2015

But the weird thing is, this campaign to get the President to listen to “Drag Me Down” has been going on since long before his playlists were announced.

@BarackObama you have to buy #DragMeDown on itunes brother

— Keziah_Styles (@Keziah_Styles) July 31, 2015

@BarackObama hi mr Obama have you got drag me down yet?

— laura (@stylesvessel) August 1, 2015

@BarackObama PLS BUY "DRAG ME DOWN" by One Direction on iTunes :) pls also tell your whole family to listen and buy it :) all the love-a

— αℓуѕѕα♛ (@fxnkynjh) August 1, 2015

@BarackObama Hello Mr.Obama have you bought "Drag Me Down" By One Direction on Itunes? trust me it's an amazing song! hope u have a good day

— Marta Directioner (@We_are1Dfamily_) August 2, 2015

@BarackObama drag me down .If you hear this song. I'll stop thinking about the occupation(i &directioners) of yr country.We're strong Obama

— Sama ~`€ (@misspayne544) July 31, 2015

See that last one, Mr. President? We're willing to forgive the occupations, the drone strikes, the continuing use of Guantanamo Bay, hell, even the dad jeans, if you'll just listen to this one song. With your love, nobody can drag us down.