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New music

Tyrannosaurus Dead: “Sadie”

Ex Test Icicles member Rory Atwell lends his production hands to the Brighton band's new EP.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Rory Attwell, aka. the dude from Test Icicles, is basically the messiah of all things guitar-led and distorted. He’s worked with the likes of Yuck, Male Bonding, Mazes, S.C.U.M, Palma Violets and produced my personal favourite British guitar led record of 2012 – Cokefloat! by the excellent Paws. Basically, he’s twiddled the knobs for just about every great UK lo-fi band of the twenty teens (ummm, and the Vaccines, gloss over that.)


Anyway, he’s just lent his reverb soaked fingertips to the latest EP from Brighton four-piece Tyrannosaurus Dead. The record - set to be released on 12” vinyl via Odd Box on May 6th - includes the wonderful “Sadie” which sounds every bit as beautiful as has come to be expected from Mr Attwell.