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Mackned and Tommy Kruise Link Up in Their New Video for "Hearin' Nothin"

Nothing but finesse.
Emma Garland
London, GB

One of the founding fathers of Thraxxhouse (a Los Angeles and Seattle-based music and design collective that rolls somewhere around 40 members deep), Seattle-bred MC and producer Mackned just came through with Female - his second full-length of 2015 and one of the most authoritative fusions of trap and cloud rap since A$AP Rocky made his debut with Live.Love.A$AP.

We're premiering the video for "Hearin' Nothin", a track that balances menace and melody like Walter White at a karaoke bar. Produced by Tommy Kruise (who spent this June on tour with Ryan Hemsworth), "Hearin' Nothin" is barely two minutes long but that's all the time Mackned needs to remind you he's too busy finessing to listen to your shit.

Watch the Will Hoopes-directed video below, featuring Mackned waving his phone around like he doesn't give two fucks while the whole crew keep it real.

"Hearin' Nothin" is taken from Mackned's new album Female, out now. Also if you're the kind of person who likes to wear their heart on their garms, there's a very limited batch of "Female" shirts you can cop here.

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