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Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio Drops His First Solo Video: Watch Baio - "Sister of Pearl"

Watch Baio boogie like Gumby all over London. Fun over cool any damn day.

Chris Baio, the bassist of Vampire Weekend, is releasing a solo record! Kapow! Above is the first song (and video) lifted from his forthcoming opus, The Names, and it's perkier than a pale pink popped collar. But honestly the first thing you'll note is Baio's Gumby-like dancing all over London (which is looking rather marvelous in the spring).

"For me, it's never been about being good or looking cool," notes Baio. "It's about having fun." Well put, Baio, well put. Fun over cool every day of the week. Musically it's a pop number that's all clean lines, from the bass that takes center stage in the verses, to the sharp plinkety piano stabs and guitar twangles, and then Baio's vocal lapses into a surprising Elvis-like croon during the choruses. Didn't see that one coming at all.

The bassist-turned-frontman had this to say about the video: "I've always loved dancing—some of my earliest life memories involve dancing around my family's dining room table to Thriller when I was little. For this video, Daniel Navetta found some incredible places in London for me to do some dancing. I hope you enjoy watching me creep around the city I've lived in for the past two years… I know I had fun making the video."

Here's hoping you see Baio tip-tapping and hip-shaking down a cobbled street near you soon.

The Names is out via Glassnote on 9.18.