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Deep Ass Questions

We Asked Everyone In Our UK Office WTF Iggy Azalea Is Saying In This Video

Emma Garland
London, GB

As we all know, Iggy Azalea is really good at rapping. When it comes to performing her songs live in front of people, there's nobody quite like her. Remember when she was asked to freestyle on live radio and she was all like "I cannot give you a hot 16 to this hood arse beat" and then spat some bars from pre-existing songs? Only a really good rapper would demand the most fire beat in order to remember some words they wrote and have been performing for years. But sometimes, Iggy is so good at rapping that nobody can even catch what she's saying.


Watch the above Vine, currently doing the rounds on the World Wide Web, and witness her spectacular flow for yourself. It's pretty mesmerising, but what's even going on? On first listen, it sounds a little like she's reading a Dr. Seuss book aloud while falling down the stairs, but, much like David Gest's face, it changes each time you look at it. To paraphrase the BBC when they reported Budget 2015 exclusively in emojis, who really needs words anyway? Not Iggy, that's for sure.

We asked everyone in our UK office what they thought Iggy Azalea is saying. Assuming "fluent in tongues" is not among her skill set, here is Team Noisey UK's expert analysis:

"Peas with a point, have some peach in your joint, got some twizzlers to eat, gonna spring this joint, NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM CHEW CHEW CHEW BLRUGHGHHH"

"What’s the point, it’s weak this joint, twisted beat, I’m sprained my joints, Dre can’t rap he’s just wanna paa, poom poom and drive round the city nah"

"Pitchfork boys better pass me a joint, gotta twist this beat, I'mma spring my noise, three crack rats, boolin' on Duran Duran mon"

"Bitch pork pie, better piss me a point, gotta twist this beef, ham and spring rolls joy, straight crap rap, boy ’til I poo poo poo, Dan you see me now"

"Come my lady, come come my lady, you're my butterfly, sugar, PAPAPOOM!"

"Pimp with an oink, gonna tractor me a coin, gotta twist this bee, I've sprained my joints. Sing KID ROCK! One to the - Papa Prune, you're in the wrong city!"


"I do not like them, Sam-I-am. I do not like green eggs and ham. Brap, brap!"

Delving further into the world of investigative journalism, we also asked some people from VICE UK what they thought.

Charlet Duboc:

Alex Hoffman

Joel Golby

Apparently the answer is her song "D.R.U.G.S". You can watch the full performance below, but if you were hoping that context would clear things up then you are very much mistaken. File under "inexplicable pop culture disasters" somewhere between the "Cancel Kanye West's Glastonbury performance and book a rock band" petition and Leona Lewis.

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