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The Best of 2013

2013 Was The Year That Jessie Ware Got Super Famous, Took Selfies With Everyone and Became a Hippy

We begin our review of 2013 by taking to Jessie about all the celebs she's photobombed this year.

2013 was the year that Jessie Ware became a proper celebrity - getting selfies with cast members of Downton Abbey and Made In Chelsea, and a baby alligator. It’s also the year that she started wafting patchouli and clutching at crystals before shows. We talked to her about what it’s like travelling the world as a proper popstar.

Noisey: Hiya Jessie, what you up to at the moment?

Jessie: I’m just in a cab on the way to the Red Bull studios. Julio Bashmore’s the in-house resident producer for the year and I think I’m going to drag him to make a beat with me today. I’m pretty knackered after the American tour, but it’s all good.


That American tour looked like quite a lot of fun from the perspective of someone sitting on their sofa in Clapton reading your Twitter.

It wasn’t the easiest tour I’ve ever done. As Brits we always downplay things don’t we? It was such a nice surprise when we were playing to full rooms all the time. America’s so massive, you’re going to these places that you’ve never been before and whether 100 or 800 people turn up, you can’t really believe that they know who you are. I also managed to survive the tour bus. Our bus driver had OCD so he cleaned up all the time, it was perfect.

Didn’t you feel a bit guilty making a mess if he had OCD?

Well no because he’s got OCD so he feels like he has to do it. We weren’t slobs, he just made it squeaky clean. It was like living in a hotel for a month.

It is butters when you step upstairs on a tour bus and and there are 200 pairs of pants on the floor.

Yeah he didn't go up there, the back room was like a cesspit by the end of it. He never got involved.

Isn’t your tour party all male as well?

We have a female tour manager who’s amazing, and my hair and makeup lady. She’s really into crystals and meditation. I’ve been caught meditating with a crystal once or twice on tour. I could so get on the LA hype of green tea and crystals.

That’s where we should all be heading, smoothies and jogging.

While I was away I kept buying were essential oils and incense wood for my new flat. It’s going to be so LA, but in Herne Hill. My makeup artist loved wafting a bit of wood fumes around to dispel any negative energies.


I’m really nervous about your tour bus going up in flames.

Don’t worry we don’t allow incense on the bus, that’s strictly dressing room stuff.

I want to move to LA and learn what sandalwood is. I think we could all do with becoming more aligned with our chakras.

It’s definitely a way to pass the time. I’m such a neurotic Jew that if I think holding an amethyst is going to make me sing better then fucking hell, why not?

Seeing as Christmas (and Hanukkah) is a time for reflection, let’s go through some of the best Jessie Ware selfies of 2013.

I haven’t got that many have I? The best one is obviously me with Lady Mary from Downton Abbey.

How did that come about?

We’ve got a mutual friend who was working with her and told me that Lady Mary had put my album on in her hotel room. So I got her details and sent her an email saying “LADY MARYYY!!!”.


She emailed back and I was trying to keep it cool because she’s my favourite person in the world. She said that she puts my music on before award shows and stuff because it calms her down, and I thought - “mate, you have to meet me and realise that I’m the least calming person ever.” Then she came to my show in LA and I made a proper song and dance of it, I made sure she had a lovely table. She came backstage and we were so nervous to meet each other, her friends were pushing us together. It was like we were in the playground and asking each other out. We’ve been texting.


Was it weird seeing her not wearing elbow length silk gloves?

Definitely, and I knew she wouldn’t sound like Lady Mary in real life but it was still a bit bizarre hearing her Essex accent.

Who else have you been snapping with?

I was gutted that I didn’t get a celebrity selfie with Ron Burgundy. We did the Conan O’Brien show on the same day and he was walking around as Ron Burgundy backstage. Even when we were just in our dressing room he wouldn’t snap out of it. I really wanted to get a picture with him but alas.

What about David Gandy?

He does all the right things - looks you in the eyes, makes you feel all special when he’s chatting to you. He’s very charming.


I’m gonna sound like such a dick but Skrillex is the nicest guy! I’m not even joking, he is so nice. We were both playing in Minneapolis on the same day and he was playing at First Avenue where some of the video for “Purple Rain” was filmed. It’s the best venue in Minneapolis. He was doing what was quite a small club show for him and he arranged for me, all my band, and crew to come in and had sorted drinks for us. It was so embarassing, he didn’t have anything to drink when he came offstage because my band and crew drunk it all.

Then fucking Dave Chappelle came in! Skrillex must get this all the time, he’d met Larry David the week before, but we found ourselves in the VIP area of some hip hop club drinking with Dave Chappelle. Skrillex and me couldn’t stop giggling, he’s wicked. Oh my god, but then the weirdest thing happened. I’ll tell you but seriously, you cannot put this in! You have to promise!


Jessie tells us something we definitely can't put it in

Now this is the one I’m really looking forward to, what about the baby alligator?

Oh my god, I didn’t want to hold that fucking thing. I’ve got like five double chins in that from trying to keep it away from me, I was so scared - that is not my idea of fun. We went on one of those big sun boats in America and I always get that fear of missing out so I thought “Fuck it, I must hold it.” It felt disgusting and I felt really sorry for it because I don’t think it enjoyed being in my hands either.

I do feel sorry for it with its little mouth all duct taped up, but it is adorable. Finally, shall we do the Made In Chelsea one?

Francis Boulle? Oh my god he is proper charming. I’m the biggest Made In Chelsea fan, I’m obsessed. Phoebe-Lettice is a diva of the highest order. She’s amazing. Francis is wicked too, he was very good fun and asked me to go and join him and his friend for a burger.

Oh really? How common.

They only get paid like 100 quid per episode though don’t they? (Cackles like a crisp packet) I didn’t go, I went home, but he was very nice. Phoebe’s banging, she’s so nice in real life! They’ve made her into an absolute villain but they have to ham it up for the show, don’t they?