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Behind The Lens

The Wolfpack, A.K.A. the Angulo Brothers Drop Their Surreal Short 'Mirror Heart'

In this edition of Behind the Lens, the stars of award-winning doc 'The Wolfpack' shoot their own short. Here's the finished film and how the whole thing came together.

Last week we explained the story behind the award-winning doc, The Wolfpacksix brothers who, thanks to their Dad's fears regarding the negative forces in the outside work, grew up in isolation, even though they lived in the Lower East Side in New York City. The Angulo brothers were home schooled and rarely left the house. They became movie obsessives, who would obsessively recreate films and shoot these recreations. Since the boys have emerged into the outside world, they've all moved on with their lives, some of them are still film buffs, one of them teaches yoga, the other is an activist, two of them—Glenn and Eddie—have become huge 80s music aficionados, which is why we interviewed them last week. We're completely captivated by this doc, their story, and these boys as their lives continue to unfold.


Because VICE was intrigued by the Angulo brothers love of film and their creativity, we decided to give them the opportunity to shoot a short film of their own conception. What they came up with was Mirror Heart and you can watch it above. Shot over one weekend, and as per the brothers' MO, the Angulos wrote, starred, shot, and created all the costumes in Mirror Heart. They even had a hand in the sound design.

Below are some exclusive behind the scenes shots plus an entire making of mini-doc. We're campaigning for these kids to make music videos next. There's definitely a very Michel Gondry, Be Kind Rewind-vibe to Mirror Heart. Check it out.

Continues below. Pictures courtesy of Mallory Lance.

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