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Luca's "Best On" Featuring Tei Shi Sure Is Tasty

Like a rogue Destiny's Child demo, this is raw, intimate, and sorta sexy.

Meet Luca. That's Luca Buccellati, who you may know from his work as part of synthy indie-pop act Yellerkin, or if you've been stalking Tei Shi like we've been over the past couple of years, here's a heads up: Buccallati is also an integral part of Tei Shi's groove as he plays in her live incarnation as well as working with the Brooklyn-based musician in a production and songwriting capacity. Below is the premiere of his latest solo offering "Best On." Previous releases—dive into that discography here—have been a little more nebulous, a tad more spectral, a little more lo-fi, stripped, and ambient. Many of his songs were released over a year ago, but "Best On" is fresh out of the studio and marked by its high def sonic curves. Synths wobble, beats ratatat, and Tei Shi's vocal—tasty like butter on freshly toasted English muffin—is doubled, trippled, quadrupled and more, harmonizing with her fine self like a one woman Destiny's Child. It's a slip of a song, all about putting your "best on" for the person you're feeling. And I don't think shes talking about her fanciest heels neither. This is raw, intimate, and sorta sexy.


"I work with a lot of people on helping bring their music to life…Val (Tei Shi) is one of them," explains Luca. "I made the beat and sent it to Val, she did her thing, and it's become another extension of our collaboration. A first of many I'd like to release with a variety of artists."

Pretty pleased these two found each other.