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Holy Shit

iLoveMakonnen Cooks Up a Storm in "Super Chef"

Cooking more than just broccoli.

It takes a lot to be considered a "Super Chef." You can't just be on some basic-ass shit like baking a chicken, or only knowing how to grill. You need to have an encyclopedia of recipes at your disposal, ready to make anything at a moment's notice. If you want to be a Super Chef, you need to take lessons from the one and only iLoveMakonnen. In his new video for the aptly titled "Super Chef," dude is in the kitchen getting hella wild making some broccoli casserole while smoking a blunt. Think you can cook while smoking that hard, with your buddy Fortune in the back? Like to see you try.


Check out the video below, and watch our episode of Noisey Atlanta with iLoveMakonnen right here.