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Holy Shit

Someone Sent Us a Dubstep-Rap Song Called "Kim Jong Trill" and We Couldn't Not Post It

We're not saying this is good, we're not saying this is bad, we're just saying that this exists.

Ostensibly it's my role here at Noisey tell you how to feel about stuff. I'm supposed to point you towards cultural instances and tell you what you're going to want to know about before you even know you want to know about it, like a little kid sitting behind you at a movie theater whispering in your ear about which characters are about to kiss. This is music blogging, and everyone loves it. It's a trillion dollar industry (give or take). I think, though, that I may have met my match—a media object that escapes my ability to contextualize and interpret. Here's what I can tell you—"Kim Jong Trill" is the latest from Sam F, a California dubstep producer best known for an official remix to a Lonely Island song called "YOLO." I was a year behind him at Berkeley High School, where he was sponsored by Red Bull for skateboarding. Last week he sent me a song that has left me with no answers, but many questions—is it offensive? Worthy of a continent-spanning SMDH? A Dope Hilarious Trap/Dubstep Banger? An important step in our nation's ongoing attempt to liberate the oppressed citizens of North Korea? A barometer of how virality fractures meaning? An Awful New Teen Trend That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity, You Won't Believe What Happens Next? The next Gangnam Style? All this and more, probably, but you losers can decide for yourself. I'll leave you with this mysterious couplet:


"I got the bombs, make the club go boom / Turn you into dust, call you Kim Jong Broom"

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