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Holy Shit

Scarlett Johansson Formed a Girl Group Called The Singles and Now You Can Hear "Candy"

We've got a situation here and it involves Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, Julia Haltigan, and Este Haim.

Uh. Didn't she just have a baby? No rest for Scar-Jo. She's just dropped "Candy," a new song, with her new girl group, produced by her old pal TVOTR's Dave Sitek. Rounding out the band is Este Haim, Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris and Julia Haltigan.

What does it sound like? Super 80s synth-pop with all kinds of allusions to cavities, sugar highs, chocolate, and lollipops, which will make you hungry if nothing else. The band is called The Singles, which is more a nod to the fact that they'll probs just drop a single here and there when they have the time, rather than any confirmation about their relationship statuses, so like, calm down. Or not: this is fun, like the Go-Gos who they cite as an influence. Listen below.