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Deptford Goth Gets Up Close and Personal in His Video for "Two Hearts"

Is love enough though?

The other week, over several slices of raw fish, an old friend said to me: "Isn't love enough?"

It's a question that has, in recent years, cropped up again and again. The romantic in me, the 20-year-old who'd write feverish love-struck diary entries, would like to think so. It's important to hold onto that person and I'm sure that person is still lurking inside me somewhere, but honestly, sometimes real life gets in the way, and love isn't enough, and if I didn't acknowledge that then I'd be blundering through existence like Bambi.


That being said, great pop music isn't concerned with life's practical little niggles. Great pop music is about emotions so strong they can flatten mountains. South London artist Deptford Goth knows this and "Two Hearts," with its echoing piano chords, synth pulses and plush, half-mumbled vocals, serves up True Love™ and hope in just under four minutes flat.

Musically it's a quite the sidestep from the vocally warped, Mariah Carey-referencing, glitchy goodness of "Real Love Fantasy," the track that originally piqued interest back in 2011. Back then the man behind Deptford Goth—Daniel Woolhouse—was very much a mystery, hiding behind black and white press shots of the back of his head and the graceful expanse of his neck.

It stands to reason that now his music is much more upfront and straightforward, so too, in the "Two Hearts" video (premiering above), Woolhouse is now bold enough to really let the camera settle on his face. Even if his gaze can't quite meet the lens, while looking like a rumpled, young Bill Murray, he's laying his union on the line: "We've got peace in us."

Not exactly sure where this was filmed—the Cornish coastline? A quiet beach in Devon?—

but it was co-directed by Woolhouse and Aneil Karia, and he had this to say about the video's creation: "We took inspiration from my surroundings when I was writing and recording the album. The sky can be beautiful here so we filmed early in the morning to get the sun coming up and to try and catch the stillness of that time of day."


Deptford Goth UK Tour Dates

11/19/14 - ICA - London (SOLD OUT)

2/26/15 - Heaven - London

"Two Hearts" is lifted from Deptford Goth's forthcoming album, Songs, is out on 11/3.

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