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Dornik Received a "B" in His Music GCSE, Yet he Makes Music That Sounds Like Michael Jackson

So, basically, fuck school? Listen to the premiere of Dornik's new single inside.

Dornik's breakthrough single, "Something About You", only recieved a "B" when his teachers marked his coursework. Pitchfork gave it a Best New Music though; we put him in a piece about why British music is great; and he's been signed by PMR, the label that hosts UK talents Jessie Ware and Jesse James.

His voice sounds kinda like Michael Jackson - in the sense that it can reach a ball-tightening pitch - and on new track "Second Thoughts", it's overlayed atop resplendent, reclining synths. "Second Thoughts", which is premiering above, is the b-side to "On My Mind". Expect to see a debut album sometime next year.