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New music

PREMIERE: Little Children - "Hey Hey"

You won't get tired of this.

Little Children is the alias of Swedish singer/songwriter Linus Lutti. We premiered the video for his "By Your Side" earlier this year, so we're obviously stoked to hear more of his folk-pop-Americana sound. "Hey Hey" is another soothing pop song in the spirit of driving on never ending highways.

Little Children has been keeping himself busy in the past with a wide range of relases. He's also one of many Swedes gaining attention in the US – with music featured on Grey's Anatomy.


"Hey Hey" is a taste of new stuff set to be relased in a still unknown shape in early 2015. Luckily, we can all experience the future already now by looping this track until next year.

And hey – you won't get tired of this.