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Premiere: Ava James - "Between Sheets" (Produced by Leo Kalyan)

This is what half Persian, half Irish left-field, pop scented electronica sounds like.

Ava James is a twenty one year-old half Persian, half Irish songwriter from London. What does she sound like? Think left-field electronica, scented with pop sensibilities, and you're pretty much there. The thing that holds Ava's music up highest though, is her voice; she was taught to sing as a child by her grandfather, a professional Jazz pianist, and it shows in her husky tones. Only two tracks deep into her career, she's already picked up some admirable production credits, with her first two tracks coming from Tropics and Maths Times Joy. Her latest release, which we're premiering above, is produced by Leo Kaylan.

Of the collaboration, Ava James says: “I love the space that Leo creates on his productions as it’s soft yet so immediate. Lyrically the song is about the realities you have to confront when that spark burns out in a relationship – you’re trapped and need to find a way out.”

Listen above.