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Listen to Porcelain Raft's Woozily Wonderful New EP, 'Half Awake' In its Entirety

Electronic shoegaze - constructed with love and released on cassette with a handmade lino print delivered along with it.

Hello Porcelain Raft, a.k.a. Italian chap Mauro Remiddi. He who creates compositions that are as much digital soundscapes as shoegaze swoon songs. Thus far he's released two solo albums on Secretly Canadian, but now Remiddi is going it alone and launching his own label, Volcanic Field. Last week he dropped the title track from his forthcoming Half Awake EP, a song layered with processed beats and made human by Remiddi's lovely, layered vocals. Three weeks before that he posted "All In My Head," lifted from the same record, and below is the whole shebang—all five tracks in full, ahead of its release on 6.2. Each copy sold will be on cassette tape and each cassette will be accompanied by a handmade linoleum print—like the ones below—loving painted upon by the Rome-born artist.


Each song hovers in a narcotized haze, dreamy without being wishy-wash, while Remiddi himself is a hard man to summarize with a resumé that includes playing in Klezmer band and playing piano in an Off-Broadway show, as well as being the driving force behind psych-pop crew Sunny Day Set Fire, who emerged in London in the late 2000s.

In any case, this current collection came together swiftly and seamlessly:

"I composed and recorded Half Awake EP in less than a month in Brooklyn, soon after I moved to LA where I mixed the songs with Chris Coady and had the idea to start my new label," explains Remiddi. "This whole process has been liberating. Things can be way more revealing when you stop to consider what you do as something that goes 'up,' that has to develop vertically to the top at all cost.

"I wanted to go back from where I started, creating a limited edition cassette EP and handmade prints, copying each cassette one by one as I use to do in the early 90s when I had no one that would pay attention to my music, sometimes you have to start from the beginning to see why it's still worth it."

So just know, if you buy Half Awake a helluva lot of love has gone into your physical copy. Listen below and check him out live in a city near you…

Pre-order Half Awake here.