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420 Dope Things About Young Thug's "Stoner" Video

Birdman is in it, for starters.

This is the video for Young Thug's single "Stoner," which has been a sleeper (duh, weed = sleep) hit this winter and spring and is only now getting a video, probably due to legal confusion about Young Thug's label situation. It is great because music is great, and so is weed. Here are 420 dope things about it:

1. Birdman is in it.

2. The guys playing the stoned guys on the couch are impressively good actors. I.e. they look really stoned.


3. Especially the one with red eyes and smoke coming out of his ears.

4. That body outlined in Solo Cups is how we all want to be remembered when we go out.

5. Young Thug is wearing the same sweatpants as in the "Blanguage" video.

6. Young Thug + dog = the best thing ever.

7. Young Thug looks like a star singing this song.

8. Especially with his shirt worn half-off.

9. Which is how he wins that girl over so quickly.

10. Of course Young Thug's video girl has gauged ears. That's badass.

11. Stoned dude in the gas mask's reaction at around 3:07 is incredible.

12. LOL that dude kissed his sister.

13. And threw money at her.

14. Young Thug's hat is so orange and furry it's truly next level.

15. The stoned dudes' reaction to the hologram is how we all aspire to turn up. Hard to see what's in the hologram, but I assume it's Fabo.

16. There's a Willie Nelson portrait hanging in the room wth Thugga and Birdman.

17. Despite everything else in this video being incredibly obvious, the shot of Birdman lighting a blunt is blurred out.

18. Young Thug's white hoodie is the coolest piece of clothing that's ever existed.

19. Young Thug's dance at around 0:50 is perfect for the ongoing collection of Young Thug dancing GIFs.

20. In Young Thug's room, the TV is showing the dudes on the couch. What if in their room the TV is showing Young Thug? It's all a cycle, man.

21. It is music, and therefore dope.

22-420. Weed.


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