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New music

FREEBASE: "UK69" Mixtape

Metro Zu's Freebase gives away a London inspired (kind of) mixtape.

Freebase, of the ever prolific Metro Zu we've been championing so hard, has paid a visit to the UK. As well as taking in all the wondrous sights of London, like rain, rain, medium-quality doner kebabs and rain, he's managed to squeeze in making a whole bunch of beats and compiled them on to mixtape UK69.

Luckily for me they're all pretty excellent, so I don't have to do that super awkward thing of being like, "ohhhhhh yeah, I heard it, it's so good but I have to ignore any kind of e-communication with you forever now". What I'm trying to say is, UK69 has more than enough throbbing basslines and plenty of imaginative titles like, "ABBEY ROAD CUMGOD PORTAL", "HYPER SWOLE COOCHIE" and "KING TITTY CHALLENGE" to keep your attention.

You can download the fruits of his labor, UK69, here and thank me later.