Holy Shit

Listen to Another Alice Glass-less Crystal Castles Song Called "Decide"

Can't tear down the castle.

av John Hill
2015 07 02, 4:12pm

By this point, you've probably made your mind up on how you feel on the Crystal Castles drama a few months back—you know, when Alice Glass left. But the electronic project apparently isn't stopping anytime soon. Ethan Kath and a new singer named "Edith" just released a new song called "Decide." It's the kind of track that shows the reserved nature the project takes on. With the addition of Edith, the vocal half of the music has taken on a new form. Instead of the jarring, in your face assaults for which Glass was known, Edith's voice is much more delicate. It's an atmospheric turn on the sounds Crystal Castles is loved for. Listen to the song below, and catch up on all the drama here.

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