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Rich Homie Quan Punched a Guy and Escaped on a Speedboat: A Comic

Last night in Miami, Rich Homie Quan allegedly punched a bouncer and escaped on a speedboat. This is the comic.

Comic by Lia Kantrowitz / Click here to enlarge

OK, so you know Rich Homie Quan he's like a rapper, right, and last night he was in Miami, and he wanted to go to the Club LIV because it's like the coolest club in Miami, and it's where all the rappers hang out, and Drake has songs about it and stuff. So anyway he went to the club, but then he couldn't get in, and the bouncer told him he'd have to wait in the regular people line, and according to TMZ he wasn't a huge fan of that because he is a rich and famous rapper, so he was like "I'm gonna punch this bouncer" and everyone's all "noooooo" and then he did and was like WHAAAM in the dude's face and the dude's like "ah ah my nose, my nose is broken and my lip is bleeding and I'm gonna get you Rich Homie Quan!" but it was like too late because Rich Homie Quan was already making his escape like ZOOOOM and everyone was like "how's he going to get out of this one," and well the answer is that Rich Homie Quan had a speedboat waiting, and he jumped in the speedboat and took off for a tropical island probably because he is Rich Homie Quan and he can just hang out and drink Piña Coladas in the Bahamas whenever he feels like it and stuff, and anyway the Coast Guard probably tried to catch him or something but he got away and the bouncer was like "gosh, foiled again!" and Rich Homie Quan was like "another W for the Quan-man!" because he is Rich Homie Quan and he is badass, baby, and if you wondered what it looked like well wonder no more because there is a comic of it right here.

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