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You Know That Thing Where Taylor Swift Brings All Her, Like, Total BFFs On Stage? Well Now This…

"Please welcome to the stage, the hologram of Maya Angelou!"
Emma Garland
London, GB

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour has been about three things: friendship, feminism, and bringing out every currently famous American personality bar Rachel Dolezal. So far, Tay's stage has been graced by an increasingly tenuous series of celebrity guests from Fifth Harmony to the entire U.S. Women's Soccer Team. But with over three months of the tour still remaining, who's left to join her?

After seeing Joan Baez and Julia Roberts come out at T Swift's Santa Clara show, writer Lara Marie Schoenhals came up with some predictions for the random cameos that might occur at her upcoming concerts in LA. We die.

Right, so that's the hologram of Maya Angelou, the first woman ever, Eve, the ashes of the witches of the Salem witch trial, acquitted murderess, Amanda Knox and the insane shit taken after drinking two iced coffee's with a little bit of almond milk and smoking a cigarette.

Countdown to Taylor discovering this video, re-posting it with the caption: "lol this is great! <3 my="" fans"="" and="" inviting="" her="" to="" join="" thanksgiving="" with="" her,="" ellie="" goulding="" someone="" from="" Girls at her New England lodge - because feminism is about friendship!

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