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The Styling of BANKS' Video for "Drowning"

We had a little chat with the stylist who pulled BANKS' look together.

Last year Noisey was thrilled to have a hand in making BANKS' video for "This is What it Feels Like," – the LA singer's first colour video, and an unsettling and sexy promo set in an eerily sparse mid-century house where everything is not quite as it seems.

Today saw the premiere of her video for "Drowning" (above) – her only other colour video and a collaboration with i-D magazine. It instantly reminded us of Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room, with BANKS writhing centre-stage, sleekly styled, and reflected ever after.


i-D's US fashion director Alastair McKimm had this to say about the look of the video:
"The direction for the fashion came from the director Mike Piscitelli's idea of mirroring, repetition, and creating something very graphic. I wanted BANKS to wear exactly the same outfit in her signature colours of black, white, and red."

A brief word with the video's stylist, Maya Krispin (pictured with BANKS above) about BANKS' bespoke look…

How closely did you collaborate with BANKS on the styling of this video? What was it like working with her?

I spoke with Alastair about the idea behind treatment of the video and how the final edit would look. We talked about having three identical looks in three different colors – black, white, and – and agreed that a suit would be strongest here. She loved this idea!

Did she come with her own aesthetic and what was your vision for this video?

I had a vision for this suit and its silhouette. BANKS and I shared ideas and agreed to keep it super minimal. I definitely didn't want it to be an ordinary slack suit. It was important that the pieces felt clean, effortless, chic and original to BANKS.

Tell me a little bit about the outfits you ended up putting her in? Who were the designers etc?

A super high-waist wide leg trouser, bandeau top and simple slightly cropped suit jacket with no lapel. After looking at tons of collections past and present, I didn't find any suits that fit the criteria or that were absolutely identical. I was looking for a certain style - something very modern and sexy. So I decided we would make our own. I designed the suits and had them constructed in LA.

What is it about BANKS as an artist that appeals to you? What is it that makes her stand out?
Her genuine talent as an artist – as a writer, singer, and a performer. The music comes first always.


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