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New music

Short Stories: "On The Way"

Apparently "bass groups" are a thing now, we're not mad.

It seems like “bass group” is set to become a fixture in awkward music terminology of 2013 as another TNGHTesque duo have debuted their first single. Short Stories is formed of melodic bass producer Koreless and Sampha - the guy who sings on all the best SBTRKT tunes (fuck "Wildfire", fight me.) The blending of Sampha’s atmospheric vocals with Koreless’s moody production creates a deep, danceable sound. More importantly, it's kicked off a fun new game: “which Glaswegian bass head will form a production duo next?” My money’s on Rustie with Mosca. They can be called MSTY, y'know,“musty.”


"On the Way" will be available on 12” along with "Let it Go" from the 28Th January on Young Turks.