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You Need to Hear This

Wardell: "Call It What You Want"

Steven Spielberg's kids sent us a song

In case you didn't realise, Wardell are comprised of the two children of acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. Not that their genetics are connected to their nicotine ravaged, romantically infused sounds of their debut EP, though.

It's a beautiful record and we've managed to bag a new track for us to share with all of you. It's called "Call It What You Want" and essentially, it's a Baltimore-esque breezeblock of delectable pop music set to the sound of Beach House if they tuned down the reverb and went overdrive with their melodies. There's a reason that Wardell were one of the most talked about bands of SXSW and have been taken on by Jay-Z's Roc Nation, take a listen below and you'll see why.

Wardell play their second UK show tonight at Electrowerkz and the Brother/Sister EP is out 3 June on National Anthem.