Stephen Steinbrink's "I Don't Know How to Deal With It" Is a Song to Solve Your Problems To

How do you deal with shit? You listen to music!

2015 08 11, 9:00am

How do you deal with your problems? It's a difficult question, and there's not really a correct answer. One great resolution - and it is great, because it's usually free and right at your finger tips - can be listening to music. You soak into sound, let it wrap you up, and some of life's less threatening problems shrink into the background for a few minutes. On Stephen Steinbrink's latest single "I Don't Know How to Deal With It", he's certainly dealing with a problem or two, but you can bet he's turned those problems to his advantage by recording a track. The result is unadulterated happiness. A good time out of a bad thing. What more could you want? Listen above.

Get "I Don't Know How to Deal With It" from Melodic Records or iTunes.

Catch Stephen on tour at one of the following dates:

05/09 Larmer Tree Gardens, End Of The Road festival
06/09 Birmingham, Moseley Folk Festival (w/ Julie Byrne)
09/09 Brighton, The Arts Club (w/ Julie Byrne) (Tickets)
10/09 London, St Pancras Church (w/ Julie Byrne) (Tickets)
11/09 Manchester, The Eagle Inn (w/ Julie Byrne) (Tickets)
12/09 Liverpool, Studio 2, Parr Street Studios (w/ Julie Byrne) (Tickets)
13/09 Hebden Bridge, Trades Club (w/ Julie Byrne) (Tickets)
16/09 France, Paris, Point Ephemere (w/Girlpool) (Tickets)
17/09 Belgium, Antwerp, Villanellea
18/09 Germany, Köln, King Georg (w/Girlpool)
19/09 Germany, Mainz, Wohnzimmer
20/09 Germany, Dresden, Groovestation
21/09 Germany, Berlin, Monarch w/Girlpool
22/09 Germany, Duisburg, Steinbruch
25/09 Germany, Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festiva

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