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Premiere: Swedish Tiger Sound - "You Hunch" feat. Britta Persson

Breaking: One third of Teddybears, Patrik Arve, has gone solo.

Breaking: One third of Teddybears, Patrik Arve, has gone solo as Swedish Tiger Sound. "You Hunch" is the first single from his upcoming solo debut Grr, which is set to deliver a wide spectrum of genres and styles.

Although "You Hunch" sounds like something Arve experimented with alongside Teddybears' visit to Kingston, Jamaica last year, it's not. Apparently Jamaican rhythms are something he's been into since the 80s, which is why he went back to Jamaica after the Teddybears trip, and hung out with dancehall master Pampidoo.

Arve describes his solo project as "total freedom" and yes, with references to en svensk tiger, you can expect STS to become political. "The world faces plenty of crises. In Swedish Tiger Sound, I'll be able to highlight these without compromising with others," he says. However, STS doesn't seem to be a lonely project. "You Hunch" features indie artist Britta Persson, while the album, Grr, will feature a bunch of DJs, rappers and dancehall artists.

Grr will be released on the 11th of September via Woah Dad!