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Noisey Global Mixtape September 2015: Dance to Something Every Language for a Change

Stream the best tracks from around the world, as selected by Noisey's editors from around the world.

The world is vast and full of music, but it can be easy to become trapped in our musical bubbles and frames of reference. Fortunately, Noisey is worldwide, with editors in a number of countries working tirelessly to find the best and most exciting music coming from their respective locales. To celebrate that, each month we gather together the best music from each Noisey territory and compile it in one awesome playlist called the Global Mixtape, which you can stream on Apple Music. Stream the full mix here, and check out descriptions of the songs included from their countries of origin below:


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United States: Mykki Blanco – "Coke White, Starlight"

New York rapper Mykki Blanco has been blowing minds and upending expectations both in music and outside of it for several years, and 2015 is no different. Blanco is putting out a new project in less than a month to kick off his new label, Dogfood Music Group. C-ORE is due September 18, and it will feature tracks from label artists Violence, Psychoegyptian, and Yves Tumor, as well as Blanco himself. The first of those Blanco tracks, "Coke White, Starlight," is futuristic as hell, with clanging, propulsive electronic production, and funny lines like "mimosas in my sauna / then I roll to Benihana."

Australia and New Zealand: Sui Zhen – "Take It All Back"

This song is charming 808-led electro pop from the Melbourne artist. Though it's full of cotton candy vocals and bright production, the song is about being a big old meanie. It's like a double sundae that's one scoop cherry and one scoop bruised apple.

France: Aline – "La Vie électrique"

With funky claps, touching-pop melodies, and a late summer feeling, Aline are the most faithful representatives of what the French 80s/90s alternative rock once was. And they didn’t want to be compared to Indochine and The Smiths any more.

Sweden: Vulkano – "Smiley Faces"

The Swedish duo’s first single from their second album is dubbed an “art project”—and their art is already a classic. Although way more chill than their previous postpunk bass lines, “Smiley Faces” keeps the Vulkano melodic style. It’s punk dressed up in 80s pop, and it’s damn fine.

Canada: Carly Rae Jepsen – "I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance"

Equal parts Robyn with a shiny coat of studio 40 disco-pop, this bonus track off Vancouver native Carly Rae Jepsen's sophomore album is a future dance floor anthem with a little bit of heart.

Denmark: LISS – "Try"

Youthfully carefree and curiously lusty, the debut single from Danish electro-pop boys LISS nostalgically brings us back to that wide-eyed thrill we felt walking into our first high school dances or downing our first bowls of spiked punch. It's grooving and giddy—and if you listen to it, you will be, too.

Mexico: Rey Pila – "Fire Away"

Five years after their debut, Rey Pila are back, and they sound better than ever. The Mexico City outfit are about to release their sophomore LP, The Future Sugar, via Julian Casablancas's label Cult Records. It's an album heavily influenced by new wave that's got quite a few bangers in it, including this one. Don't miss out on this track's video, either, in which the band members are transformed into 8-bit videogame characters—a definite nod to the very Nintendo-ish synth line that opens the track.

Brazil: Aláfia – "Corpura"

Tássia Reis's sweet voice makes a great contrast with the funky guitar and intense percussions, making this one of the most anticipated albums of 2015 in Brazil.

Germany: Gerard – "Höhe fallen"

"Höhe fallen" is the first single from Gerard's forthcoming album Neue Welt, which will be released on September 4. Gerard is one of Austria's most interesting hip-hop artists The single itself is full of synths and catchy drums, and it's just one more piece of evidence that Austrian music is getting more and more relevant.

Netherlands: Sevdaliza – "That Other Girl"

Rotterdam's Sevdaliza is someone the whole world should know about. She is more an conceptual artist than a singer, using video, fashion, and dance to creatie her own eerie but sensual landscape.

Japan – PINEAPPLE CLUB – "finderrrr (YEAR MONTH DAY's After The Carnival Edit)"

This song is from the debut album by this Japanese girls' pop duo. They aim to recreate the vibe of 80s Japanese idols, mixing teenage pop, electronic jams, and hip-hop. There's a lot of exciting influences in their album BANANA.

Italy: Not Waving – "Feeling-Tone"

The Italian scene keeps its treasures hidden in the electronic field. Not Waving is one of those gems. This guy was just part of Berlin Atonal’s spectacular lineup, and he collaborates with rad producers like Pye Corner Audio and Sam Willis. His collection Voices is inspired by Oliver Sacks's book “Seeing Voices,” so you might as well take this one as Italy’s little homage to the inspiring man and scientist.

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