Dan Lissvik's Remix of Chris Olsson's "Thin Love" Is Bringing Back a Hotter Version of the 00s

Oh yeah, Gothenburg!

av Caisa Ederyd
2015 05 27, 2:08pm

If you were born in the 70s or 80s you probably remember the golden era of Fibes, Oh Fibes! in the beginning of the 00s when soul-ish pop from Gothenburg was the sound of a generation. Snippets of that sound is about to make a comeback as Fibes, Oh Fibes! frontman Chris Olsson recently released "Thin Love" (hear it on INGRID VOL. 2 that we recently premiered.) It's the first single from his upcoming debut album as a solo artist.

While Chris is currently working on his album – which will be released on INGRID this autumn – and travelling between his two homes in London and Stockholm, producer Dan Lissvik of Studio made a hot summer remix of "Thin Love." Considering that Dan's been producing for the Embassy, there's more of that Gothenburg sound of the early 00s on its way back. I think it sounds hotter than ever.