Drop Your Phone in the Loo

Sony's new phone is waterproof. In case you drop it in the loo.

Sony have been making a pretty big deal out of their latest smartphone – the Xperia acro S – being waterproof. 400 Swedes drop their phones in the loo every year and 26 percent of all Danish women have at some point dropped theirs in a sink, shower or toilet – it's unclear why the Danish survey only asked women, but considering that 75 percent of Scandinavians use their phones whilst doing their business, we bet men fiddle with their phones in wet places too.

Anyway, to spread the word about their toilet-proof smartphones to all you phone loo-sers, Sony staged “the Xperia Soda Stunt” at the Stockholm premiere of the latest Bond film, Skyfall.

The stunt consisted of the unknowing audience being handed free sodas, some of which had a Sony Xperia acro S waterproof phone swimming around in it. As people were getting comfortable in their seats, a secret-agent-style commercial was screened prior the film and a few lucky winners’ drinks began to buzz, synchronized with the commercial. Here’s a video Sony made to show off the stunt.