Urban Fashion Week

If you want to make it into Urban Fashion Week, you're going to need a lot of cheese.

Fashion Week Internationale lands in Atlanta, aka the 'Black Hollywood' and meets CEO of Urban Fashion Week Billy Bad Ass, who holds a casting to pick a model to take to London Urban Fashion Week. He reduces one model to tears and introduces us to the first and only black female Nascar driver.

On day two, Charlet visits the guy who tattooed the ice cream on Gucci Mane's cheek and then follows Billy around Atlanta as he tries to buy Evander Holyfield's car. At night, we discover the best strip club on Earth.

On our final day in Atlanta, Billy's organised a party to announce the model he's bringing to London Urban Fashion week but things don't seem to go exactly to plan. Will Billy find the cheese and make it to London after all?