Skateboarding in Malmö


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Skateboarding in Malmö

Last weekend, Malmö hosted the final of the Vans Pro Skate Park Series. We hung out at the final to take some pictures.

This weekend, the city of Malmö hosted the global skateboard championship final of the Vans Pro Skate Park Series. The streets of Malmö were filled with skaters and skate enthusiast, rolling around the pavements and kick-flipping in the sun.

Qualifiers were held in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United States to select the 30 skaters to compete in the brand new park donated by the organisers to Malmö – a small city with big skateboarding ambitions and a prominent DIY community.


American 12-year old Brighton Zeuner won the women's final, performing antics on her wheeled piece of wood that most of us couldn't pull off even with divine intervention and a bag full of Adderall. The men's competition was also won by an American – 18-year old Alex Sorgente was slightly more impressive than the others.