Photos of Friday Night in Times Square


This story is over 5 years old.

Photos of Friday Night in Times Square

The first in our new series about the depravity and beauty at the end of every week.

On Friday nights, people around the world leave their offices to fill their innards with cheese fries and shitty booze to put the pain of the workweek behind. This makes for some gross yet beautiful moments, so we've decided to send photographers to the planet's finest (or shittiest, depending on your point of view) cities and towns to capture Friday night as it unfolds.

For our first installment, Amy Lombard, one of our favorite photographers, went to Times Square—the American landmark once known for its back-alley depravity but is now basically one big TGI Fridays. Amy loves convention centers in New Jersey and chain restaurants, so she naturally had a ball of a time.