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What's The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Celebrated?

"I celebrated when my pumpkin reached full size."

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This week Rihanna won a court case against high street behemoth Topshop after they manufactured and sold a T-shirt of her face without her permission. Not only did they agree to pull the T-shirt – despite being "perplexed" about actually being taken to court over something illegal – Topshop are being forced to stump up £4 million for poor Rihanna.

She'll probably channel that money into a project to combat the sweatshop labour and exploitation on the British high street, right? That, or she'll throw a huge party to celebrate her win. In honour of a very rich pop star making £4 million, we decided to ask the public a question: What's the weirdest thing you've ever celebrated?


Adeeb, 34, restaurant owner: Weird? Crazy? The homeless people – I celebrate their birthdays.

VICE: You celebrate the birthdays of homeless people?
Yes. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you."

You sing?

How do you know it’s their birthday?
They have cake. Or their friends are there.

I'm pretty certain you're making this up.

Ben, 31, illustrator: I celebrated when my pumpkin reached full size. I celebrated hard.

Did you incorporate the pumpkin into your celebrations?
Yes, I got all my friends round and made a soup.


Lisa, 27, freelance graphic designer: My 10,000th day in life. I found a website that told me I was nearly there, so I thought I’d make a big deal of it.

Sweet, how did the day go?
Well, it was the 1st of May, so everyone had the day off. We had a lot of beer.


Jamie Hutchins, 29, actor: Four of my friends just got told they’re all going to be dads. So we all went and celebrated that.

Did you celebrate responsibly?
No, we went out and got drunk. That’s why they did it, because they got to kiss goodbye to doing it.

Rosie, 21, student: I celebrated a year after I got my sea monkeys, my only pet. But they didn’t last long after that, so…

A sea monkey’s life expectancy isn’t always that lengthy.
Yeah, I know.

How did you celebrate?
I can’t remember – I was quite young. I probably gave them more food on that day.

That's a nice treat.

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