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Some Stupid People Think the CIA Runs Facebook

They don't understand that the Onion isn't real.

Over the past week or so, a video that the funny people at the Onion made last March has started doing the rounds on social media again. It has (probably inadvertently) managed to fool a lot of people into thinking that the CIA funds Facebook and employs Mark Zuckerberg to be its 'Overlord'. If you are unfamiliar with the Onion, they make funny, fake news. This is not news. It is fake.

Some people, however, have decided that they can get by in life without the burden of intelligence, and are adding new pages to the never-ending story of human stupidity. I tried to see if there was any social networking site that attracts more idiots than the others, but people seemed to respond to the Onion video in an equally dumb way on Twitter:


Facebook itself:

And YouTube:

For balance, I wanted to include Pinterest in the mix, but got distracted by a picture of a baby dressed as a sunflower and a very exciting recipe for baked kale.

While it is probably true that the CIA could use and probably are using Facebook to monitor the population (they are certainly fans of Flickr), maybe the people above should stop worrying about attracting the interest of an intelligence agency.

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