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Internet Education: Finding Madeleine McCann

Here's what I learned from the internet this week.

1. Finding Madeleine McCann brought out the best in everyone.

This is probably the worst website of all time. Clearly, child abduction isn't funny, but some of the investigative cretins desperate to own a piece of the tragedy are. This is a website where thick internet people wade into something which doesn't concern them. Even better than the music section is the section for suggestions on how to find the poor girl. For example:


There are three pages of excellent ideas, like this one:

Or, my personal favourite:

I can't believe they didn't try that!

2. Despite all the documentaries about black kids getting into opera, it's still pretty posh.

Last night I saw an old Hells Angels-type guy dancing around to Slipknot's "Duality" and wearing a t-shirt that said "Mental Yorkshire Bastards". He looked a bit like Lemmy, which reminded me of my Uncle telling me that Lemmy was an opera fan, which reminded me of this website. Scroll through the drop-down menu next to "Title" and you'll see their pretty cool array of titles. I want to be a Dowager Marchioness.

3. Some people really do have superpowers.

I'd love to know the actual events that were put through this person's crazy-filter.