The Snotty Noses and Bare Asses of India


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The Snotty Noses and Bare Asses of India

Photos taken while hanging out in India.

Tonight in LA, at the The Gallery Next to the Burgundy Room (that's the name), our buddy Nick Sethi will be having a brand-new photo show, called Nome, featuring work made during his stay in India. When most Western photographers shoot in far-off, exotic places (read: anywhere that's not North America or Europe), the pictures usually look like they came out of the same, tired issue of National Geographic. Nick's work, however, feels more natural. This is probably because he just hung out with the locals for a couple months, snapping shots along the way. We asked Nick to write a short intro to explain the work, but he was so burnt out from a nonstop show hanging marathon, that all he could send us was this:


"Kissing kids. Stretchy dicks. Snotty noses. Yoga poses. Opium. Playing in traffic. Desert fever. Bare asses. Sand. Shelter. Street chai. Shitting by the roadside. Home. Dirt.  Panhandlers. Pilgrimage. Holy water. Skate sessions. Junkie muggers. Holy men. Three brothers. Time. Place. Us. Alone. Everynothing. Nome."

Check out the gallery above for some choice images from Nome. Because we want to give you an extra incentive to see out the show, we left the stretchy dicks out. But if you happen to be in Cali, go to the show and see all of those wonderous yanked Indian schlongs in person.

Nick Sethi's Nome Opening
The Gallery Next to the Burgundy Room
1621 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, California
June 6 from 6PM to late