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A London Drug Dealer Just Got Six Years in Jail After Police Found Him Posing For Selfies Using Wads of Cash Like a Telephone

Not even the first time this has happened. Not even the first time.

A drug dealer from Lambeth has just been given six years in the slammer (drug dealer word for "prison") after the rozzers (drug dealer word for "the police") found a load of photos on his phone and on his Instagram where he posed with a wad of money held up to his head as though he were talking into a mobile.

The irony here is if you do give an actual mobile to a drug dealer he will probably use it to do drug deals on, that's the sad thing. A mobile phone is a drug dealer's main tool for drug dealing, beyond drugs and those little see-thru bags they have that clip together at the top. He got so carried away with his own hype that he confused a wad of money for a Nokia. Sad, in a way.


Anyway he's in prison now, is 33-year-old Junior Francis, in prison for the next six years and eight months. As the Standard reports, after initially denying all charges of possession with intent, the main evidence the police hooked him for was the cache of selfies on his phone where he is holding up wads of £50 to his ear, and the Instagram photos he did where he has a load of rumpled notes bound up on his kitchen counter amongst the sad-looking squeezable ketchup. Here, look at this. Never has five grand in cash looked so underwhelming:

And so, the details.

The drug dealer in question here was found with £7,000 cash and £75,000 of heroin in a police raid on his Lambeth home in November last year, and further investigation found an Instagram feed boasting Biggie lyrics captioning photos of hella hard wads ("FUCK THE WORLD, DON'T ASK ME FOR SHIT / EVERYTHING I GOT I WORK HARD FOR IT") as well as a phone full of cash-phone selfies. After initially denying all involvement, Davis admitted possession with intent at London Crown Court on Wednesday and was done for money laundering, too. You don't launder money by holding it up to your head like a phone, Junior! That's drug dealer 101!

"Francis used bullying and intimidation to facilitate his drugs business," DC Matthew Clark said after the hearing. "From start to finish he denied having any money or dealing drugs but was ultimately undone by his vanity, taking selfies and boasting on social media. Removing Francis from our streets has removed a key contributor to the drugs trade in Lambeth."


But like Aesop, we must have a moral, and so it is this: besides putting so much coke on a lacquered desk that it forms a mountainous pile, having a tiger as a pet, putting spinning rims on a blacked-out Audi or calling people "chief", taking a cash money selfie is about the most drug dealer thing you can do. So, if you are a drug dealer, maybe don't do that, because then people like the police will know you are a drug dealer. I know you want to brag about your hustle, drug dealer. I know you've done well to make so much money from dealing loads of drugs. But notch the ego down a bit and maybe you won't go to prison for showing off :(


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