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CBGB Is Being Reborn as a Newark Airport Restaurant, for Some Reason

It will be a great spot to get seared togarashi tuna with wakame seaweed salad for $16 during a layover.
Photo via Wikicommons

Photo via Wikicommons

CBGB closed up shop on Manhattan's Bowery Street nine years ago, taking an entire legacy of New York punk and new wave along with it, but soon you'll be able to visit the grimy club that helped birth the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, and countless others once again—but only if you're stranded in Newark airport during a layover and want to grab a bite to eat.

Gothamist reports that CBGB will open in the airport as a restaurant very soon, perhaps before the end of the year. They also noted that Grub Street picked up on this news in November of last year, reporting at the time that the restaurant will feature "American fare in a fun environment recalling the legendary music venue." According to the menu tweeted by WFMU below, part of that "American fare" meant to remind patrons of the venue that famously sold chili from a kitchen with a resident rat is seared togarashi tuna with wakame seaweed salad, for $16 [€15].

CBGB's Reopening! At Newark Airport: ht — WFMU (@WFMU)December 21, 2015

The restaurant will follow in the footsteps of some other recent appropriations of the CBGB name, like the limp CBGB Festival that takes place around Manhattan every Columbus Day weekend. An official opening date hasn't been announced, but if the rumors are to be believed you just might be able to scarf down some CBGB-branded deviled eggs for $9 [€8] on your way home this holiday season.

Gothamist called the whole godawful plan the "final nail in the coffin of CBGB, the Bowery, punk, everything," but the building that once housed CBGB has been a boutique clothing store for a decade and the Rat in Boston is a shitty hotel now, so the dream has been dead for a while already.