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Sorry Everybody, Jar Jar Binks Definitely Won't Be in 'The Force Awakens'

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says there won't be any Ewoks, either, dashing the hopes of many diehard fans.

Jar Jar Binks dies in a fan recut. Thumbnail image via Flickr user istolethetv

Jar Jar Binks is one of the most beloved characters in all of cinema. Not only does he provide welcome comic relief throughout the otherwise incredibly grim and gritty Phantom Menace, he's the spiritual heart of the entire Star Wars franchise, a secret Sith Lord who is behind the evil conspiracy running the galaxy. His journey from hero to villain and back again to hero is the lynchpin that makes the first six episodes of Star Wars more than just six children's movies. He's also the character with the most popular, most elegant merchandise.


So fans of the series (a.k.a. "Warries") were crushed, naturally, when Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that their favorite Gungan will not be making an appearance in the new film, the Guardian reports.

"Jar Jar is definitely not in the movie," Kennedy announced at a news conference as the audience cheered, no doubt sarcastically.

There won't be any Ewoks, either, because "Harrison [Ford] insisted on it." That's sure to dash the hopes of many of the more serious Warries, who love cosplaying as the cute-but-deadly aliens and have long demanding several movies focused on them.

At this point, it's unlikely that anyone is looking forward to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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