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Baba Stiltz's New Music Is Everything We Want and More

Having just released a new EP, we caught up with the Stockholm producer to get his thoughts on, well, everything.

This article originally appeared on i-D

Twentythree-year-old Baba Stiltz just released his Is Everything EP and, quite frankly, it's awesome. Spanning techno, house, R&B and future funk all on the same record, he's proof that you don't need to limit yourself to one genre to make sense. Or maybe it doesn't technically make sense, but it sounds and feels so right, and that's what matters. A particular highlight includes lead single "Baby"a beautifully sung, lo-fi karaoke lullaby, which comes complete with – you guessed it – a banging karaoke lyric video. Just what we wanted.


Word on the street is Baba's the godson of techno legend Daniel Savio, a former ballet dancer and a previous neighbour of Yung Sherman. With an official remix for Pet Shop Boys out later this year (for real), another single due on Studio Barnhus – a love club song this time – and festival slots including Lost Village booked up, he's keeping busy. We caught up with the Stockholm producer and asked him a bunch of questions that start with the title of his new EP.

Hi Baba! Is Everything alright with you today? 
Baba Stiltz: Everything is perfect. Couldn't be more everything than this.

Is Everything people say about you true?
What do people say? Believe everything you hear. Facts do not matter.

Is Everything about music or do you have other passions?
My biggest passion in life is music unfortunately, and my other passions are related. But also food. I love food.

Is Everything happening for a reason?
If you want it to be everything is reasonable. Is this it? I mean sometimes it's for a reason.

Is Everything you do recorded in a diary?
Nothing is in a diary. I can't. I keep track in other ways. Selfies and old tweets. Also whatever my lady checks me on.

Is Everything on your EP inspired by something in particular?
My latest EP  Is Everything is about different things. DJ Koze, an ex-girlfriend, and me of course… very self-involved.

Is Everything in Stockholm really expensive?
Everything in Stockholm is expensive. This is why I stay here, so I never become victim to comfort and total freedom.


Is Everything better with long hair?
Yes everything is better with long hair. As long as you take care of it. Please take care of yourself. Don't be gross.

Is Everything going on in the world our fault?
Yes everything is our fault. Every single thing that's going wrong is our fault and I do not know how to deal with it.

Is Everything going to be okay in the end?
When is the end?

Is Everything looking good for you in 2017?
Everything is looking amazing. I wish it would always be amazing, don't you? Love  Is Everything.

Is Everything is out now via Studio Barnhus.