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The Electric Superbike of the Future

It sounds like a spaceship and hauls ass like one too.

The explosive harmony of a high-revving, internal combustion engine is a sound that I'm not too ashamed to admit I can fall asleep to. I'm perhaps more embarrassed to admit that the smell of race fuel and burnt exhaust are pretty nice, too. But both stem from a love for race cars and motorcycles I've had since I was a kid. With that in mind, what was truly striking about watching Mission Motorcycle's electric superbike hurtle around a track was that by stripping all the mechanical noise away, you're left with just a sheer sense of speed.

The RS model, which is the subject of the video above, is Mission's limited-edition, top-end bike. It's got a race-ready Ohlins suspension, carbon wheels and perhaps the most advanced gauge, navigation and telemetry system available on a bike. It's also got the price tag to match; for $58,999 and up, one would expect the best parts available.

Still, it's the drivetrain that stands out. Mission's motorcycles are all-electric, but unlike some of the city bikes and scooters attempted before, Mission wants to prove that an electric superbike can hang with their gas-powered counterparts. The RS's electric motor produces a huge-but-not-unheard-of 160 horsepower; the 130 foot-pounds of torque puts it at least in the superbike world. Even then, the bike's lack of a transmission means going from zero to 60, which takes less than three seconds, requires nary a shift. Hitting its limited top speed of 150 miles an hour requires little more than twisting the throttle and holding on.

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