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A Fist in the Face of God Presents... Live Evil Mix 2013

For anyone wondering what heavy metal sounds like in 2013.

This October, London will temporarily be around 300 long-hairs deeper thanks to Live Evil festival, back for a third round of metal mayhem after a year-long hiatus.

The festival, curated by Marek Steven of Amulet, is just as strong as ever and is taking place at a new home, the Garage in Islington. Bands are picked from the now-vast library of acts chosen by Darkthrone's Fenriz to appear on his legendary Band of the Week site. So, if you want to know where heavy metal is at in 2013 and don't have the time to learn Norwegian or patience to decipher all those flyers stuck on the walls around the Underworld, this would be a great place to find out.


For those with absolutely no clue where to start, I decided to help out by putting together a mix that showcases all of this year's acts. So here it is, featuring all 14 contenders. Play it loud and go see the bands when they play in just under a month's time. I mean, what the fuck else are you going to be doing except Instagramming photos of your drunk friends and complaining about how it's not summer any more?


1. Satan (England) "Break Free" Court In The Act [1983]
2. Midnight (USA) "Rip This Hell" Satanic Royalty [2011]
3. Arkham Witch (England) "Arkham Witch" Demo 2009 [2009]
4. Eliminator (England) "Outlaws of the Highway" We Rule The Night [2011]
5. Ranger (Finland) "Steel Dawn" Knights Of Darkness [2013]
6. Condor (Norway) " Prophecies of Death and Destruction" Condor [2013]
7. Vampire (Sweden) "At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse" Vampire [2012]
8. Ghast (Wales) "Pale Robe" May The Curse Bind [2008]
9. Beastmilk (Norway) "Void Mother" Use Your Deluge [2012]
10. Bastardhammer (England) "6 Million Ways to Die (in a Rock 'n Roll Band)" 10 Counts Of Fuck Off [2013]
11. Satanic Dystopia (England) "Blood, Spit & Concrete" Double Denim Shotgun Massacre [2013]
12. Necrowretch (France) "Purifying Torment" Putrid Death Sorcery [2013]
13. Zom (Ireland) "The Chaos Dimension" MMXI [2011]
14. Pentagram (Chile) "Spell of the Pentagram" Demo I [1987]

I've also been keeping up my bi-weekly radio show on NTS, where I play the finest in forgotten metal for two hours. The shows are chronicled here, for those not in the know.



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