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This Video of a Road Rage Brawl Will Crush Your Lingering Hope for Humanity

Watch the fight unfold and silently pine for all that the world could but never shall be.

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We are more than a decade into the 21st century, a fantastical time once imagined to be a utopia of flying firemen and underwater whale buses, but instead brought the world fast-food saunas and unqualified presidential candidates. Nevertheless, this is the year 2016, so one would expect the world to have achieved peak civility and understanding by this point.

It has not.

For proof, just watch the above iPhone video of a bunch of people in Houston, Texas, beating the ever-loving shit out of one another after being overcome by some good, old-fashioned road rage. The recording, released over the weekend by ABC, shows an argument between the drivers and passengers of two cars—a blue truck and a white sedan—which quickly devolves into a mess of fists, kicks, thrown soft drinks, and blood-curdling screams.

Watch the whole brawl unfold above—shot for your twisted viewing pleasure by a bizarrely cool-headed bystander—and silently pine for all that humanity could but never shall be.